Janhit Realtors Pvt. Ltd. was registered under company act 1956 on 25th August 2009 with Reg. No.-U45201BR2009PTCO14786 working as per company law.

Company is approved to work in REAL ACTIVITIES & BUILDING CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT by Ministry of Corporate Affairs with the activity code no.-045.

Company is working to develop India starting from Bihar. Company will start to work in various field like development of forest to prevent pollution, animals welfare etc. due to this company always lack staff so there will be always vacancy hence it the company is reducing unemployment also.

Company’s main work is to develop some land and develop township and marketing complexes to help Bihar in developing a good infrastructure but the main important thing is that it is not for rich person only. Company has launched and working on various projects where a person living below poverty line can easily have his own home.